Chiropractic for Poor Posture – Your Chance to Sit Up Straight

Poor posture can cause lasting damage. Do you remember your mom telling you to stop hunching over your book? It was a nuisance and you tended to overdo it in rebellion. Now years have passed and you suffer from unexplained stiff neck and back pain. As any experienced chiropractor can tell you, these are caused by poor posture. In this article, we want to show you how chiropractic for poor posture can help you find pain relief and solve the underlying cause of your discomfort.

Unfortunately, poor posture is a widespread problem for all age groups. Adults spend a lot of time sitting down at a desk and working on a laptop. And children and teenagers spend way too many hours each day with their heads bent forward, looking into smartphone screens. Actually, chiropractic for poor posture has specific treatment plans for this particular condition, called tech neck.

What Causes Poor Posture?

Poor posture means that the way you are standing up or sitting down puts extra strain on your spine, joints, and back muscles. A chiropractor can detect this issue simply by looking at a patient as they walk into their office and sit down on the chair. The bent back and arched shoulders maintain constant tension on the key back joints and muscles.

This happens for various reasons:

  • You do not have a properly adjusted ergonomic chair at work
  • You perform repetitive physical activity with an incorrect posture
  • You are frequently carrying a heavy bag
  • You sleep in an improper position
  • You gain extra weight.

Whatever the cause may be, chiropractic for poor posture is an efficient and risk-free solution for you.

How Chiropractic for Poor Posture Helps Solve Your Problem

A chiropractor will take a holistic approach to your problem. At Specific Care Chiropractic, we want to know what lies behind your back pain and stiff neck. Our aim is to cure the underlying problem, not simply make the pain go away.

In order to do this, chiropractic for poor posture involves:

1. Assessing Your Condition

A chiropractor will start by evaluating your overall state of health and lifestyle. We will ask you questions about:

  • How much time you spend at the desk
  • Whether you exercise and how frequently
  • Whether you perform strenuous physical tasks (such as lifting heavy weights)
  • Preexisting medical conditions
  • Your diet.

Only after understanding how you lead your daily life, the specialist will move on to the actual physical examination.

2. Posture Examination

Chiropractic for poor posture involves a hands-on approach to your current posture. The chiropractor will ask you to walk around in the office, sit down on a chair and mimic your usual position when working at the computer.

As you perform these tasks, the chiropractor will examine your back, identifying the areas where your muscles are strained.

3. Performing Adjustments

The most common cause of back pain is a misalignment of the joints, including the vertebrae of your spine. Chiropractic for poor posture involves specific adjustments which will bring your joints in their natural position, relieving tension and strain.

The adjustments are safe and you will not experience any kind of pain. At any rate, the practitioner will discuss every aspect of chiropractic for poor posture, including your tolerance to pain. Some patients say that they prefer not hearing the popping sound during spine adjustments. Thus, the chiropractor will adapt their technique and ensure that you are perfectly at ease and comfortable during the treatment sessions.

4. Massage and Physiotherapy for Tense Muscles

In parallel with adjustments, the chiropractor may also perform specialized massages and other physiotherapy techniques to help relax your muscles and help them return to their neutral state.

The personalized chiropractic treatment may involve:

  • Exercises to strengthen the muscles
  • Electrical muscle stimulation
  • Ultrasound therapy.

5. Correcting Poor Posture

The final step in chiropractic for poor posture involves the prevention of future relapses. To this end, the chiropractor will help you learn how to maintain a correct posture during all your activities.

At the same time, you will learn a series of simple stretching exercises, which remove tension from your muscles at the end of a workday.

Regain a Correct Posture and Enjoy an Active and Pain-Free Life!

At Specific Care Chiropractic, we have extensive experience in treating a wide range of conditions and injuries, including poor posture. We know how detrimental it is for your health and wellbeing and we encourage you to seek our professional help.

You can book your first appointment for chiropractic for poor posture in any of our clinics located in:

  • Fort Myers, FL
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