Coral Springs Whiplash Treatment

Whiplash is a type of neck injury that occurs when a sudden jolt causes the neck to whip back and forth, causing the neck muscles to sprain or strain. Symptoms of whiplash often include neck pain, stiffness, headaches, and loss of mobility in the neck. In some serious cases, whiplash can lead to dizziness, poor concentration, and blurred vision.

If you suffered a whiplash injury, your symptoms could worsen if left untreated. At Specific Care Chiropractic, we offer whiplash treatment in Coral Springs. One of our physicians can assess the severity of your injury through a physical exam and X-ray and then construct a treatment plan for you. Treatment can include chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy.

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What Causes Whiplash Injuries?

Rear-end accidents are among the most common causes of whiplash injuries, as reported by the Mayo Clinic. These accidents occur when one vehicle hits another vehicle from behind. The front vehicle’s driver is generally not prepared for the impact, making them more vulnerable to jerking their neck unexpectedly.

However, other physical activities that can lead to whiplash injuries include:

  • Athletic sports that involve physical contact, such as football and hockey
  • Physical assault, such as a punch to the head
  • Horse riding
  • Military combat
  • Work-related accidents, such as in construction

Can a Whiplash Injury Cause Permanent Damage?

Yes. BMC Public Health released a report in 2015 that observed automobile accident victims one and five years after being injured. The report found that people who suffered whiplash injuries had a “poorer quality of life” five years after their accidents compared to accident victims who sustained different types of injuries in their accidents.

If you do not seek medical treatment after sustaining a whiplash injury, you may risk having complications during your recovery, which can lead to long-term and even permanent side effects.

These effects include:

  • Chronic and severe neck pain
  • Loss of mobility in the neck, e.g., difficulty turning your neck side to side
  • Nerve damage in the neck
  • Pain that spreads beyond the neck, such as to the shoulders and arms

If you notice your symptoms are worsening, seek medical help immediately. Our physicians at Specific Care Chiropractic can address your immediate concerns to alleviate as much pain as possible.

Whiplash Treatments We Offer in Coral Springs

At our facility, we provide several kinds of physiotherapy treatments to address musculoskeletal injuries, from spinal cord injuries to soft tissue sprains and strains. We utilize chiropractic medicine to help patients regain strength, flexibility, and mobility in their bodies at a pace that allows them to heal completely.

For whiplash injuries, we offer the following types of treatments:

Massage Therapy

This treatment allows patients to relax and regain flexibility in the target areas. It can be used to treat muscle tension and pain caused by whiplash.

Rehabilitative Therapy

For patients suffering from a neck injury, we often send them to our Rehab Room, where we teach them different types of physiotherapy exercises that can help them regain functionality in their neck muscles at a slow, relaxed pace.

Whiplash treatment in Coral Springs

Ultrasound Therapy

If you are experiencing chronic pain and spasms as a result of a whiplash injury, we may use ultrasound technology to shoot sound waves into your neck tissue to relieve the pain. This also promotes muscle regeneration.

Adjustments and Corrective Care

If your neck injury caused a spinal misalignment, we may perform specific chiropractic adjustments to realign your cervical spine. Flare-ups may occur, in which case we will also perform corrective care based on your body’s response.

Treatment plans vary, so you may also be trained to perform stretches and strength exercises at home in between sessions. One of our physicians can discuss what to expect in your treatment plan during your first appointment.

What to Expect During Your First Appointment

When you visit our facility in Coral Springs, which is located on University Drive near the Coral Square Mall, you can expect to be greeted by friendly staff who understand your priority: getting rid of your pain.

During your first visit, you can expect the following to occur:

  • We will have you fill out our medical paperwork to understand why you are visiting our facility and what type of symptoms you are experiencing.
  • We will examine your overall physical health, not just your injury. This allows us to confirm whether your pain might have another root source than the one you suspect.
  • We will perform other diagnostic tests and imaging exams to have a closer look at your injury.
  • We will explain your next steps and set you up with a second appointment to go over your test results and explain your treatment plan in full.

We Will Work with Your Personal Injury Lawyer to Build Your Case

People who suffer whiplash injuries in automobile accidents may be entitled to pursue compensation through an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. Working with an attorney can allow you to focus on your treatment while they build your case, but they are not the only people who care about your well-being.

Our facility wants to help you get the medical care you need to treat your physical injury. We can provide medical-related information to your attorney, such as:

The Severity of Your Whiplash Injury

We can provide copies of the X-ray or other imaging scans we take of your injury and other medical reports that detail the symptoms and severity of your whiplash injury.

Your Treatment Plan

We can describe what kind of treatment you need to recover your injury to its maximum medical improvement (MMI), which may be relevant to your or the other party’s insurer.

The Cost of Your Treatment

We can provide invoices for our chiropractic services and approximate estimates of future medical expenses if your treatment is ongoing or has not been completed.

If necessary, we may provide a medical expert to serve as a witness to your case and confirm the information we provide to you. You can learn more about how we can help you on our website.

Schedule an Appointment and Start Whiplash Treatment in Coral Springs

If you suffered a whiplash injury in an automobile accident or another physical activity, do not wait until your symptoms worsen before getting treatment. Our Coral Springs chiropractors can examine your neck injury and build a treatment plan for you based on its severity.

Call (239) 932-5314 to schedule your appointment at Specific Care Chiropractic today. We accept various insurance policies and can also discuss payment plan options.