We offer the option of physiotherapy art Specific Care Chiropractic. See if our methods below fit your needs!
Rehab Room

This rehabilitative therapy is used to remodel and mold the muscles in the neck to hold vertebrae in their proper, natural positions. You will either be seated on a exercise ball or standing on a Vibration Plate. The vibrations force your muscles to maintain stability to build strength and balance. A gentle way to get faster results than you ever thought possible.

Stretching & Strengthening

After the doctor analyzes your spine he will prescribe different stretches and/or exercises that will be thoroughly explained to you so that you can do them on each appointment. Depending on your case, you may receive a stretch instructional to do at home.

Corrective Care

Specific Care Chiropractic may provide you with several different treatment options.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy takes on many different forms. Our highly experienced licensed massage therapists will determine, based on your individual case, what kind of therapy will help to give you the best and quickest improvement

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

AKA “E-STIM” can be highly effective in certain cases to reduce inflammation, muscle spasm, and pain.


Ultrasonic sound waves at certain frequencies will create heat therapy within the desired area of the body. This therapy can be highly effective in reducing inflammation, improving blood flow to those areas, and breaking up adhesions.